Slowing Down Fast Fashion

"People are over fast fashion; why don't you be a part of the solution? Our vision is to create a conscious fashion line that has all the appeal but will also be sustainable. We are building the next generation of brands fuelled by transparency and responsibility. We aim to blend art, design, and technology to create socially responsible products accessible to everyone.

About us

We were three individuals from different backgrounds at NIFT, but we shared one commonality. What brought us three individuals together went beyond textbooks. It came from a sense of doing something right, an amalgamation of our thoughts and who we were.

It all started with a common goal – to change the world. Sounds ambitious and cheesy, we know. But more than just entrepreneurship and innovation, Blanc is about making something authentic and mindful of what’s already there—remembering why we are doing it all matters most.


Blanc is for the mindful; it's for
people with thought. The kind who values quality, and honesty. It's a brand exclusive to the people who love what it stands for.


Blanc aims to be honest with
everyone. Our goal is to be as transparent as our efforts and to be a brand synonymous with
trust to everyone.


Sustainability is the ethos of
Blanc. Every thought, process, and action is done by keeping this factor in mind. We believe in making better decisions everyday.


Blanc might seem very vanilla, but it is anything but that. We want to show how different yet inclusive we are as a brand in a way that disrupts monotony.

Our Vision

Blanc is a brand for everyone; every body, every mind, everybody. It offers a sense of belonging, purpose, and the motivation to be better. Our products are almost intuitive, they’ve been designed keeping you in mind. Blanc walks the perfect slack-line between function and comfort.

.Not ambiguous         .Not standoffish         .Not monotone         .Not preachy


Our team has been sourcing materials with less environmental impact for a while. We've controlled the whole production process to make sure there's no oversight of quality. We wanted to be able to stand behind our products and not shy away from investing in them, and we did that by spinning our cotton. So instead of buying mass-produced materials, we decided to try making it ourselves.


For a while now, our team has been sourcing materials in areas with less impact on the environment. We didn’t want to cut costs and make products more durable, and we didn’t want to compromise on quality because then we would not be able to stand behind our products. So instead of buying cheap, mass-produced cotton, polyester, and acrylic yarns, we decided to try making it ourselves.


This is the one thing we want to play safe at; safe for the people who produce the product, the environment it’s created in, and for the good people (like you) who use it. We don’t just want to make stuff. We made sure we thought about the little things, no matter the task. Right from low-impact dyes to fair trade practices, everything counts. So we give up our wallets and get a conscience.


So, plastic is a big no-no today, but what else works as good as that? We did our research and came up with - tapioca and cornstarch; yup, you read that right. It may seem like a grocery list, but these are the raw materials for our packing; even our souvenirs are made from up-cycled fabric. Eco Friendly? Check. A+ quality? Check. Happy customer? You tell us.


We’re not going to bore you with the details of how we make the art; this is the part of our process that is the most fun because we get to see the final product we’ve made your way. We’ve partnered with small businesses to house our products because warehousing can make it difficult to be mindful, but here we get to give back to the community which makes us feel like we’ve come full circle.

And then we get to you.